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It feels so strange walking back to a place so quiet and familiar, one of which I used to head so often, what remains and what has so inevitability changed. Especially so with such a new pair of eyes, fresh experiences, and movements to share.

So, it really has been so long. Months of silence and nothing more but a flicker of life, but within this period of time I have been working within an endless mindset, with a sketchbook spilling out competed pieces of paper, and for once in my life, a gentle sense of pride.
Much has gone on over the past few six months, and last year definitely didn't help much on those terms, and though I am not going to go into detail, it has put much into perspective and has inspired a creative outlook I can never say I had stepped through in the past. They say certain things have to be earned, and in this case I say I can agree.
I have learnt much, taking on new challenges and allowing myself to dive deep into the unexperienced, which is why I am settled here with many words on my tongue, ready to answer questions I have even asked myself.

Where have I been all this time? I guess it could be considered a hiatus of sorts, from the site at least. I have been here, there, everywhere. Taking a break, but using that to write more, to work hard on what took years to find.
Reading, organising, creating, and spending time with others. Figuring out how and where I want to go. Racing the wind, as they say.
Well for one, you might be pleased to say that I have put together the pieces of something I discussed much throughout my time here, that being my art style. I have figured it out, noticed the details, made something I am finally happy with in terms of recognition.  It doesn't matter as such if someone were to lay their eyes upon my art and put a name to its style, as much of a blessing as that would be, but what does is now how I can glance upon what I've done and picture it as my own rather than another simple drawing in a world full of incredible artists.
I'm still not that skilled or talented of a person, but it's pure bliss to finally say that I have some pride in what I've been doing. The work I have been focusing for this past half a year is, in all honesty, a set of things I can actually say I'm head to toe happy with. There will always be faults, always be bad days, but I'm getting somewhere.. And God, I couldn't be happier there..
The same goes for my music, kind of, not as far through yet, but I'm trying, and that counts for something doesn't it?

Now, moving forward, my inactivity at hand.
I have always adored deviantART, that I cannot deny. It has allowed me to put something out there that previously I could not, and even more importantly, has introduced me to friends I could only ever wish for, and has in fact brought me close friendships I never thought I'd be able to see in perosn. I have a lot to owe. You guys are all beautiful people and I couldn't be more thankful for your ever growing support, love, and joy.
Which is why, despite my question of leaving, I am staying here.
Leave you ask? I'm going to be straight and say that I have found ways of posting my art in which suit me better, for quite a while now. I love using Tumblr and Twitter mainly, there is something about uploading there that fills me with a certain joy. Considering how active I am over those two sites, which are roughly two of three I visit as frequently as I used to with deviantART, I was asking myself whether to leave my footprint here and see where I go. But then I realised I couldn't.
Not only are there so many spellbinding artists here, such as DestinyBlue, that I adore, but I have friends here that I don't want to leave behind. We may not have spoken for a while, but I do still sincerely think of you, and care as much as I always did. I can't push that aside, you are all important to me, and you have been since I started off. There is also the wonderful group, I-AM-Owl-City, which I have been the founder of for these last couple of years, and it is so fun signing in there and informing my fellow members of upcoming news. I don't want that group to lay dormant again, and as the hootowl and music fanatic that I am, I am sticking by it.

So what does this mean?
Well, I'm not deactivating.
Though I don't believe I'll be posting my work here anymore. I'll be coming online every so often to respond to messages, or post updates on what I'm up to, including that of the hootowl group, but other than that, it's an eternal hiatus I think.

If you would like to follow my most current art, I am active frequently on my Twitter and Tumblr.
I have also opened up an art side-blog from my main, which is, for those who are interested.

I am so sorry for anything that I may have brought up doing back in January, most of that has been done, in fact, but either hasn't been posted here, or didn't work as well.
Everything I mentioned I have been working on, and when it comes to the gig photographs from last November, many have been uploaded to my Instagram, plus my Twitter and Tumblr, but in installments. I have my new YouTube up and running, though it will be a while before I get everything up to speck, and I have much to share, I really do.

Again, thank you so, so much for all the love you have given me. The support and warmth of each of you has helped my heart to beat stronger all this time. To know that there are people out there who like these silly little sketches that I do, and are willing to see deep into the strange, otherworldly galaxy of mind is very humbling.
If you have read through all of this, then I must thank you once more, for dealing with the ramblings of yet another artist just trying to get through in this mad world.
I promise I will continue to do my best and fight for what is right with my creativity in hand.

Jewel x
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